Ganggsta Rock Your World (2012)

By on March 31, 2012
Sung by Sta Gonzales, Premgi Amaren

this one goes out to..
to all those tamizh rap superstars, all around the world
though this one is not in tamizh
well, its just the beginning of a lot more to come
check this out

we goin’ high, tight, yeah thats right
my brother premgi is bringing up a flight
bombarding those buildings so high
concording and thrashing out a fight
am just jus just an everyday normal guy
washes his own clothes and loves flying kites
singing on this record to go coming onto sight
together we go breezy just to make you high
we’re taking all your music
we’re taking all your sound
detroit might be the home of hip-hop
we’re adding Tamil along
this song’s just-just the beginning
of more mind-wrecking sound
with premgi – gta gonzales
your no more off space bound

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